safaga divingSafaga diving, diving in Safaga, the Red Sea

To dive in Safaga is very enjoyable, may be not many centers as in Hurghada , not very popular for tourists to dive here which mean that coral reefs here in much better conditions

Safaga coral reef are very special famous for pinnacles, slopes with amazing and fantastic marine life.

Safaga diving information

We would like to offer you some information about Water temperature in safaga 20°C (68°F) in February to 27°C (81°F) from July to October attention that on July and August its very hot in Safaga around35 , on January the water temperature so you will nead heavy suit when you dive

As for water visibility its very good 20 – 40 meters (65 – 130 feet)

You will be enjoying amazing coral reefs, caves, ships wrecks
Sharks, big octopus, eagle rays, blue spotted rays, snappers, sergeants, goatfish, parrotfish, lionfish, butterfly fish, angelfish and many other kinds of fishes

The Safaga diving centers in Egypt

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More Dive centres

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Enjoy Safaga diving

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